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  Messages from Luang Por:

05/07/2023 Visit to the UK ~  Luang Por is currently in the UK and touring around bringing dhamma everywhere!

14/11/2019 Arriving in the UK ~  Luangpoh Sudhiro is arriving in the UK in November and will be travelling around here for one month.

06/11/2012 Leaving the UK ~  Luangpoh Sudhiro is going to leave the UK very soon on Saturday 10th of November for attending the Kathina Ceremony at Watpah Kanjanabhisek.
He will be in Thailand for two weeks, then go to New Zealand to lead Father's Day week retreat.
Luangpoh will be in New Zealand between 27th November to 11th December, then go back to Thailand to lead the pilgrimage retreat around North-East of Thailand.


22/10/2011 Kindness Supports the World ~  Our hearts go out to the people in Thailand around the flooding areas.

May you all be safe and overcome all difficulties.
Be mindful in every step!
All the best with Metta – Karuna

Wherever you are in the world. You are invited to support the people in Thailand with their current hardship. The floods are devastating crops, communication, and people's lives. Many people have died already. Even if you do not normally have a mindfulness practice in your daily life, please take at least one long inhalation and one long exhalation during which you sent those people all the love and good intentions you have in you. When you give positive energy, positive things happen. Please let us know to show your support!
Sa Dhu!

12/10/2011 Pavarana - มหาปวารณา ~  "Dear all,
I invite admonition from you all.
According to what has been seen,
heard or suspected (of my actions or speech),
may you all instruct me out of compassion.
Seeing it (my fault), I shall make amends.
May you all be happy!

วันนี้ เป็นวันมหาปวารณา
หากมีสิ่งใดที่ท่านได้เห็น ได้ยิน หรือได้นึกรังเกียจสงสัย
ในการกระทำ หรือคำพูดของข้าพเจ้า
ข้าพเจ้าขอปวารณา ขอท่านโปรดอาศัยความเมตตา
ว่ากล่าว ชี้แนะ และตักเตือน ได้เสมอ
เพื่อข้าพเจ้าจักได้แก้ไข ปรับปรุง และพัฒนาให้ดีที่สุด
ขอท่านทั้งหลายจงมีแต่ ความสุข สมหวังเสมอ สาธุ!


20/07/2011 Buddha Metta UK Blog ~  The new Buddha Metta UK Blog is now up and running at:


18/07/2011 Kaopansa Celebrations ~  We had a wonderful turn out for the joined Kaopansa and Asalha puja celebration. Word spread and almost 40 people came to share in this special time.

The Asalha puja is the full moon observance day on which the Buddha gave his very first sermon at Deer Park. After the sermon, one of his friends, Kondañña, exclaimed his understanding of the Truth and asked to go forth. So by becoming the first monk, the day is also the beginning of the Triple Gem (Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha). During this month the Buddha’s son Rahula was also born which gives extra meaning to us.

Kao means to enter, and pansa is the rains retreat. The Kaopansa therefor is the celebration for entering the rains retreat. In Southeast Asia, there are three main seasons of the year: hot, cold, and wet. Consequently, each of these seasons lasts four months. Especially during the time of the Buddha, travel was both difficult and usually dangerous. To travel during this time also meant treading and killing many plants which upset people because of the Jain’s tradition of not killing a single living thing regardless of the intention. So the Buddha decided that it would be best for his disciples to not travel during this time. Especially the forest monks were traveling most of the time, sleeping in caves and under trees. But during three months of the wet season he wanted them to settle down somewhere, preferably in numbers where they could practice together. This became the rains retreat during which the monks had opportunities to learn from senior monks by listening to talks and having dialogue with them. It was a time to memorize and recite the Dhamma which back then was mostly an oral tradition, and also for more intensive meditation practice. If one could not find a suitable location to enter the retreat however, the Buddha made an allowance to start a month later and finish a month later. This is known as entering the second retreat and is still fully within the four months of the rainy season.

So the Kaopansa celebration is a time for the lay and monastic communities to share blessings before this longer retreat period and our time spent together here was no exception. Everyone helped get things ready… A local man made the traditional asana or platform and one lay woman made sitting mats for the monks to sit on. Another one made an amazingly beautiful flower arrangement around the large candle that was offered to the monks. Traditionally the lay community would get together and make large candles for the monks to use to study and practice by. Today in Thailand there are huge celebrations with gigantic wax sculptures showcased. But the point is to offer the candle to the monastic community which also stands for wisdom and their presentation is therefore a kind of blessing for the entire retreat period. Another tradition is to offer bathing cloth which today is another beautiful opportunity for giving and receiving. This was all above and beyond the amazing food offering that was shared, and barely mentioning the amazing house which was offered for the shared practice here to last for at least an entire month.

Thank you to everyone who was part of this special day in one way or another. It was a success in that it brought so many of us together in the Dhamma to learn, find refuge in community, have the opportunity to give, chant together, and to just enjoy the serenity of this place.



15/07/2011 July 14 ~  Today we were offered another wonderful dana and Luangpoh shared a reflection on what it means to give. He recollected what it was like as a child to offer food for the monks with his mother. He remembers the care that was put into the preparation, the quality of mind while bringing it to the temple, the high standard of the presentation of it, and the humble way that it was offered to the monks. This all presented the opportunity to concentrate the mind on doing something so wonderful that it created a feeling of wellbeing that could last the entire day. We discussed today that this is the most overlooked method of concentrating the mind that the Thai people have engrained into their daily lives. A large portion of the people will start their days with generosity as the focal point of their activities.

This evening we arrived in the place where we will spend a few weeks before the Vassa. The lovely Thai community of Carlisle, the close by Lake District, and even from Edinburgh asked us to spend the Vassa up here to teach and create more opportunities for sharing. Although we are already committed to Cambridge for the Vassa, we were more than happy to spend this time here. In the Buddhist calendar there are only three seasons including the rainy season which lasts four months. The Buddha wanted his disciples to stay in one place for three of those months for safety and as an opportunity to deepen their practice during this time. The first three months as a group is known as the first Vassa or rains residence retreat, while the last three months is known as the second Vassa. An allowance was made for monks who could not find a suitable place to stop for the first Vassa to wait an extra month and spend the second three months in retreat instead. This is what we will be doing in Cambridge and during this time we invite all of you to come and practice with us.
Once we know the location then it will be made known to everyone of course, but until then the same invitation stands for this amazing place. We were not expecting any more than a simple place in the city but instead it is a stand-alone house with a couple bedrooms in the beautiful hills east of the Lake District in Northumberland. It is about a half hour drive from Carlisle and anybody is welcome to visit during the day without prior arrangements, or to stay with prior arrangement as space is limited. The Old Engine Shed, Halton Lea Gate, Brampton, CA8 7LF.



15/07/2011 July 13 ~  We shared a wonderful evening with friends and family of Pascale de Beranger who is sick in hospital with lung cancer and is in much pain. We had a period of chanting, silent meditation, and then shared blessings. Luangpoh was able to visit her just before she went back into hospital for surgery and shared with her methods of dealing with her pain. He explained about his recent experience with his cobra bite and how he was able to move his mind away from the pain as if standing aside, and not personalizing the pain. He explained that if he did not do something quickly he would be overcome by pain and the poison would make it to his heart before he could make it to hospital. By concentrating his mind he was able to disassociate with the pain just enough to be able to take control of his body to squeeze the poison away. Through meditation, he explained to Pascale, she could concentrate the mind away from the pain enough to make it through her recovery more peacefully.




11/07/2011 Around the UK 2011 ~ ~ Luangpoh Sudhiro and I have been traveling continuously in the United Kingdom for a few weeks now to share the compassionate teachings of the Buddha with groups of lay people who do not have easy access to such teachings of the Dhamma. We have been practicing deep listening to try to learn what the needs and wishes of these people are in regards to having such teachings available to them. We have been honoured to have had the Venerable Tan Jao Khun Thong Chai from the Rama 9 temple in Bangkok with us for the first week.

Luangpoh has a vision of starting a Buddha Metta Centre in the UK and our travels are not only proving to us that such a place would be of great benefit to the greater community but that the community is also willing to support such a project. Much of this support is already a reality.

A most wonderful location has become available for such a place in the south west of Scotland close to Castle Douglas and Dumfries. Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Carlisle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the ferry from Northern Ireland are all within a few hours drive, but yet it is set in beautiful and serene country minutes from the sea. It is the perfect location to get away from city and come for a weekend retreat to learn and practice Dhamma from a monastic community of forest monks or past disciples. The most wonderful and Venerable Tan Jao Khun Thong Chai voiced his approval of the location and the project in general which brings backing from a prominent Bangkok temple.

The link in question was the strength and needs of the community which is clearly becoming a mute concern. In fact it is clear that setting up a Buddha Metta Society in a few locations will be of great benefit to the communities involved and will help the Centre in Scotland thrive. Some of these communities have set the wheel in motion already on their own initiative such as in Bournemouth, Cambridge, and Carlisle.

On a personal note, this experience is proving to be very amazing to me. It is very closely resembling being on tudong in Thailand which is the practice of wondering from location to location with only the simple essentials to share and learn in the Dhamma. We rarely know where we will end up from day to day and often from moment to moment, and we are surviving purely by the generosity of the people we come into contact with. They have been sharing with us what we need to survive while we have been sharing Metta, blessings, teachings, meditation instruction, and beautiful periods of chanting together. The experience of meeting these amazing people is enough to fall asleep each and every night very peacefully with a smile. They tell us that they feel the same.

Have a look at
some photos from our trip at my web gallery:


With Kind Regards and Warmest Metta,

Tan Bartek Khemadhammo Bhikkhu
-Disciple of Luangpoh Sudhiro


24/05/2011 Tudong2011 ~  http://www.rightview.org/Videos.asp

13/04/2011 Happy Thai New Year ~  On occassion of Thai New Year's Day, May the Buddha bless you all,,,long lasting peace and happiness...., may you be the owner of the healthy figure and the great success.

14/03/2011 ~ Visiting the UK ~ 

After arrival on the 8th of March, Luangpoh visited 2 prisons and 1 meditation group in Kent - gave a Dhamma talk on a day of retreat at Oxford Buddhist Vihara and blessed the Wedding of Supha and Cary in Oxford. 

Luangpoh is doing fine in Wales now; teaching the Dhamma - leading the meditation retreats and classes and will then go to Pembrokeshire - Manchester - Carlisle - Harnham - Scotland - Cambridge - and London for the same activities.

Finally will have time with the Sangha in Wat Amaravati and Watpah Cittaviveka before leaving the UK on 7th April for some more retreats and Tudong in Thailand.


17/02/2011 Luangta ..The Great Teacher ! ~ 

Luangta ..The Great Teacher !

Luangta .. My great teacher ..

 "Dhamma has a value beyond all wealth and should not be sold like goods in a market place."


~ LOVE 2011 ~ 



คนหิวโหย คนอดอยาก คนยากไร้





ห่มโลกนี้ด้วย รักไร้อุปาทาน

วันแห่งความรัก 2554


31/12/2010 Happy New Year 2011  

อนิจจา ความไม่เที่ยง เป็นเช่นนี้
แม้คืนวัน เดือนปี มีเปลี่ยนใหม่
สรรพสิ่ง หมุนเวียน แปรเปลี่ยนไป
อย่าเปลี่ยนใจ ที่เคยเปี่ยม คุณธรรม

สวัสดีปีกระต่าย .. ขอให้ท่านมีสุข .. สดชื่น .. ราบรื่น .. ปลอดภัย

ตลอดปีใหม่ .. ตลอดไป .. ตลอดนาน .. เทอญ .. สาธุ !


05/12/2010 5th December 2010 ~ 


ทรงพระเจริญ       ทรงพระเจริญ       ทรงพระเจริญ 

Happy Thai Father's Day ~ 

ลูกเอ๋ย ...
พ่อไม่มีนาไร่ จะให้ปัน
คุณธรรม เท่านั้น ที่พ่อมี ...

ลูกรัก ...
ในบางครั้งพ่อแข็งกร้าว เจ้าหน่ายหนี
ลูกรู้มั้ย ใจพ่อร้าว เท่าทวี
เห็นลูกดี มีความสุข พ่อชื่นใจ ...

วันพ่อ 5 ธันวาคม 2553

21/11/2010 Congratulations! 

Dear All
People who know Luang Poh Sudhiro will be pleased to hear the following.
On 21/11/2010 during the Civara Dana ceremony held for Sammapatipadarama Monastery, Napier, NZ, Somdejphrawannarat, a member of the Supreme Sangha Council of Thailand, and representative of Sangha Raja, bestowed the title of Phrakhruvinayadhara (means the teacher who maintains good Vinaya) on Luang Poh Sudhiro. This title is in recognition of monks who conduct themselves in a truly exceptional manner.The title was established by royal decree. It is therefore highly prestigious and comes in recognition of Luang Poh's outstanding work for the Dhamma in Thailand and abroad.
It gives me great pleasure to share this news with you all.
Please view some photos on the link below.

 Phrakhru Vinayadhara


Love and best wishes
Tan Sucitto

30/08/2010 Nong Phol's News ~  ~ ขอแสดงความชื่นชม และยินดีกับน้องพล .. ที่สามารถคว้าแชมป์พับเครื่องบินกระดาษระดับประเทศ และเป็นตัวแทนประเทศไทย ไปแข่งขันที่ญี่ปุ่นในปลายปีนี้

Cheer You Up!


13/08/2010 Happy Mothers' Day ~  Happy Mothers’ Day in Thailand
If we reflect on the impermanence and uncertainty of our lives together, it should be easier for us to let go of mutual annoyance and forgive each other instead of bickering over unimportant matters. All those pointless arguments and huffs and sulks are a sad waste of time for people whose time together is limited. We don't have the luxury of heavenly beings ... they have millions of years to patch things up while they sit around stringing garlands, singing songs and so on. We human beings don't have that much time. Reflecting on the fragility of life and impermanence makes our love more intelligent and gives it the protection of wisdom.
In Dhamma practice, wisdom acts as the direct antidote to ignorance by examining the reality of life and the world with a stable, stilled and unbiased mind sustained in the present. The direct antidote to craving is the systematic and integrated development of wholesome states.
The characteristics of pure love (metta) are:
1. It is unconditional.
2. It is boundless, a wish for all living beings to be well.
3. It is not a cause of suffering.
4. It is governed by wisdom and equanimity (pañña - upekkha).
Practising to educate our love (metta) means to:
1. Make our love less conditional.
2. Make it less discriminatory and less preferential.
3. Reduce its capacity to cause us suffering.
4. Cultivate wisdom and equanimity.
(from "On Love" by Ajahn Jayasaro)

10/07/2010 Luangpoh's schedule! ~  16th June - 5th July in the UK


Back to Thailand and teachs Meditation in the university.

16th - 19 July
250 high school students and teachers will be trained and stay at Watpah Kanjanabhisek.

24th July
Going back to NZ with 2 new monks Tan Maha Kanong and Maha Sumon. Will then go to pay respect to Ven. senior monks at Wat Yarn, Wat Laos, Wat Vimut and Wat Pak Nam before going back to Napier!

There will be 5 monks during the rain retreat at Sammapatipadarama ..Sa Dhu!

06/05/2010 International Buddhist College  ~ *International Buddhist College for Novice Training*
Little boys Living in the Dhamma .. Please see some lovely photos on the link below :


13/04/2010 Tudong ~  Please see Tudong on the links below


10/03/2010 Luang Por health check latest ~  Luang Por attended the hospital in Khon Kaen (part of the University) for an appointment this morning. He had a number of tests. Fortunately his liver function proved to be near normal. His chlorestol level was too high but he will attempt to address that with his diet. He has put on nearly three kilos weight since his return from New Zealand. He remains very energetic and busy. Tan Sucitto and Tan Dhammaviriyo are still adjusting to the change in their way of life and are now finding the weather too cool as it has dropped from 37 to 18 degrees!

02/03/2010 Ordination ~  Many thanks to the many people who supported us on our path towards ordination here in Thailand and back home in the UK.It involves a real transformation at every level and is therefore not always easy! The day before the ordination we became anagarikas at the Buddha Metta Project and were happy to find that the local community are continuing to commit great effort and energy to it and that the two kutis you can see in the photos are nearing completion. Their generosity would be well matched by any financial support that comes from elsewhere. Tan Sucitto

21/02/2010 Ordination photos ~  Pictures of the Ordination, please visit the link below;


21/02/2010 New Bhikkhus ~  Two men From Manchester, Ken and Pete, were ordained as Buddhist Monks at Wat Sri     Phuwieng, in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand on the 18th of February 2010. Their acceptance into the Bhikkhu Sangha as Tan Sucitto (Ken) and Tan Dhammaviriyo (Pete) was witnessed by Pascale and Aly from Manchester, supporters from the local community, and representatives from the Buddhametta Project Community in Loei Province.
Tan Sucitto and Tan Dhammaviriyo will practice with and learn from Luangpoh Sudhiro at Wat Pah Kanjanabhisek and other places around Thailand.


12/02/2010 Back to Thailand  ~ 

Luangpoh has arrived safely in BKK at 9.45 pm 11th Feb 2010
LP will visit Wat Rama 9, visit Dhammaduta Class and then fly back to KKN. LP will give Dhamma talk at the university in Khon Kaen early morning 13th Feb and will lead the meditation retreat at Wat Pah Kanjanabhisek on 13 - 14 - 15 Feb
All are welcome to the retreat

16/01/2010 Back to New Zealand ~  Luangpoh will be back in Auckland on Sun 17th January and will stay overnight at Wat Lao Buddharam, Otahuhu. Luangpoh will then fly back to Napier on Monday 18th.
Welcome to the Bay!


11/01/2010 New photos of Buddhametta ~  Some new photos of Buddhametta Project, please see the link:

06/01/2010 Meditation and Dhamma Retreat ~  Some photos on 3-4 January 2010 at Wat Pah Kanjanabhisek
See the link below;

31/12/2009 Kathina 2009 ~  Please have a look, Kathina 2009:

20/12/2009  ~  We wish to share our blessings with all living beings in the world for the new year 2010: May they attain happiness and fulfilment, may they not lose that which has already been cultivated through skilful action.

from Luangpoh Sudhiro and Tan Gavesako
Wat Pah Kanjanabhisek, Phuwieng, KhonKaen, THAILAND
Sammapatipadarama Buddhist Monastery, Napier, NEW ZEALAND


19/12/2009 New Year Programme ~  http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AUXNXMAV35_UZGdjbXoydnNfMjM2ZjY3NXI3dGs&hl=en

11/06/2009 Back to New Zealand ~  Luangpoh Sudhiro is going back to Sammapatipadarama Monastery in Napier, New Zealand on 11 June.
Good Bye Thailand! Have a safe trip!

01/04/2009 Trip back to Thailand ~  Luangpoh and LuangAa is now in BKK Thailand safely and will go back to Watpah Kanjanabhisek     on Thursday 2nd April. Justine from Manchester is going with Luangpoh to spend some weeks at Watpah Kanjanabhisek     and Buddhametta project working and practising with a group of students from KhonKhaen Buddhist University.

28/03/2009 Wonderful week at Greenstreete ~  Since 17 to 27 of March 2009, group of people were practicing Dhamma at the National Meditation Centre in Wales. Meditation, chantings, discossion and experience living in Dhamma were wonderful.

11/03/2009 UK Visit in March 2009 ~ 
~ Luangpoh Sudhiro and LuangAa Santiphodhidhamma is now visitting the UK. Spent 4-6 at Cittaviveka Monastery, Day of Practise at Richmond on 7 and met with the group and discuss on Paticcasamuppada (Dependent Origination) on 8th and then 9th visit Thai temple in Wimbledon for Patimokkha Chanting on 10th before leaving to Manchester.
Will be in Manchester for a week then will go to Wales for a special retreat on 17-27 March. After that may visit some groups before going back to Thailand 0n 31st March.


01/03/2009 Trip to the UK ~  Luangpoh-Luang Aa and Tan Supanyo will go to the UK on 4th of March..The latest schedule is coming soon!

18/01/2009 Sukhita Trip ~  Luangpoh Sudhiro - Luang Aa and Tan Supanyo (Tan Jeremy)are going to India and Nepal on Sukhita Trip for 9 days. (19-27 Jan), will be back at Watpah Kanjanabhisek     in the evening of 28 Jan.
The Dhamma practice around Watpah Kanjanabhisek    -Wat Thum Phaa Wieng - Watpah Dongnokkok and the Buddhametta project was wonderful and powerful for all.

22/12/2008 Happy New Year 2009 ~  For our family and friends we keep forever

May New Year… brings

The special things you’re deserving of

May your day… is filled

With joy and very special memories

May the Lord Buddha and all sacred things in the universe

Bless you… happiness, peace and prosperity

And your heart… filled with love and Metta

Happy Wonderful New Year 2009


28/10/2008 Kathana Ceremony 2008 ~  You are invited to attend Kathina Ceremony on 2nd of November 2008 at Taradale rugby sports club.inc.,
Gupy Road, Taradale, New Zealand.
Start at 09.30 AM to 01.00 PM.
Everyone is most welcome!


28/10/2008 Luangpoh's trip back to Thailand ~  Luangpoh will go back to Thailand on 11 November 2008 for a few months,for both trips to India in January and trip to the UK in March 2009.
May everyone abides in well-being, Saa Dhu!

14/10/2008 new chantings! ~  http://sammapatipada.googlepages.com/chanting

11/09/2008 Is Thailand safe to visit? ~  As you may have heard from many ways about political problems in Thailand which have been going on now for just over two years since the bloodless coup in September 2006.

We hope it will be settled soon. If you are planning on coming to Thailand I do strongly believe that there is no need for you to cancel your plans. The Thai people are very kind and generous and you will certainly have an enjoyable holiday as well as practise to see the Dhamma of Aniccataa - Dukkhataa - Anattataa.

See more on the link below :

21/07/2008 UK Visit 2008 ~  Please have a look at some photos of Luangpoh and Luang Aa's visit to the UK in May-June 2008 at this link: http://picasaweb.google.com/luangpoh/UK2008

















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