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The Buddha Blessed Me

Since we were young, we have all faced many kinds of competition in life, starting with studying, working and living in the current economic situation and society. Nowadays, people are forced to be selfish and fight for their own benefits. It is the cause of worry, confusion and stress which increases day by day and affects our body and mind. This will finally end with sickness.

Some people have a successful life: good education, good career and good family. A lot of good things and opportunities lie ahead. But when weakness and sickness comes, bad fortune follows. If they suffer from serious illness and take a long time to recover, they cannot continue working or even doing their usual activities. They will be the burden of the family or relatives to take care of them. It seems like life has terminated.

“Health is better than Wealth.” This is the phrase that people usually say. For me, I realise the truth of this since I have already experienced serious illness many times in my life.

In the past, I was an energetic woman who tried very hard to be the owner of the complete life. I did my best for everything and was finally rewarded by a successful education and working position. I used all of my strength and my brain for working without realising that I was, little by little, invaded by stress. My strength and my resistance to disease decreased.

Our body is like an engine. If we use it without observation and maintenance, the engine will have some problems or even break down. There may be a sign warning us but we do not pay attention to it until it has no strength to remind us again. As a result, the engine breaks down. Sometimes, it can be repaired but sometimes it cannot. It is the same with a human body that suffers with serious illness or incurable disease. After death, the body will be brought to the cemetery, disappears and fades out of memory like dust in the wind. So, we should always lead our life with consciousness.

About the year 1996, my life was in crisis. I was very sick of influenza and sore throat. These symptoms continued for almost one year and were quite difficult to cure with general medicine. Finally, I suffered from serious infection of the lungs and small intestine. I could eat very little and had respiration problems. I needed to have surgery at that time and stayed in hospital after that for a long time. I had to resign from my organisation. I lost my job and all the good opportunities I would have had in the future. I had received a study fund from the organisation to continue my study abroad and had just graduated. I planned to use my knowledge to help the organisation but it’s a pity that everything failed.

There is no certainty in life. Sickness and death is very near us. Sometimes, we can feel it but to pay attention to it or not is another matter.

I was quite fortunate because religion has played an important role in my life since I was young. I received this goodness from my mother who had true faith in Buddhism. I usually accompanied her to the monastery, made offerings to monks and participated in the Buddhist ceremonies.
So, when I suffered from serious illness, I could concentrate on the goodness of the Triple Gem and try to understand the truth of life and Dhamma. Sometimes, I could not help crying and feeling upset about my faith. Death would end everything including “sorrow” but I was still alive. I had no strength to stand up, be healthy and begin my work again. Then, how could I live without any hope?

During my bad time, I also had a good opportunity to study Buddhism and use it as a candle light of my life.

Buddhism is the spiritual centre of mankind. It is the light to brighten the way in the dark shade of suffering that happens to the body and the mind. I have ever heard these words “The Buddha blessed me” but it was unexpected that “The Lord Buddha sent “Luangpoh” to bless me”.

I spent my days after surgery at my parents’ house near Wat Phra Ramkao Kanjanabhisek (a monastery constructed for the celebration of King Rama 9’s Golden Jubilee)
Early one morning, I met Luangpoh Sudhiro walking past my house for Bindabadra (alms round) for the first time. My mother and I made offerings to him that day and almost every day after that. I have never seen a monk like Luangpoh Sudhiro before. He looked very bright, calm and elegant, having the mildness of the true forest monk. He stayed at Wat Phra Ramkao Kanjanabhisek during Buddhist Lent and did a lot of work there.

Until today, there is not even a moment that I do not worship Luangpoh. My impressive feeling and my faith for him have increased day by day. He is full of gentleness and loving-kindness. He is very kind and sincere to me. The power of his goodness, loving-kindness, samadhi and kasina help me to get better and better. Even though my health is not as good as it used to be, I was given, in return, the happy and peaceful mind. I cannot work very hard as I did in the past because I have to be careful not to make myself too stressed and too tired. I have a very good opportunity to visit Wat Pa Kanjanabhisek at Phu Wieng District, Khon Kaen Province where Luangpoh Sudhiro is the abbot and I find life there very peaceful. There are many projects and interesting activities initiated by Luangpoh Sudhiro with the objectives of giving good opportunity, good view and right view to the children which will make them good citizens of the country in the future.

Besides many activities that bring benefit to the children and people in the surrounding communities, Luangpoh Sudhiro also does diplomatic work as Phra Dhammadud to spread and preserve Buddhism in foreign countries such as New Zealand and England. He is also the representative of Thai monks joining the UNAIDS Conference which is organised every year in different countries to find ways for the prevention of HIV/AIDS infection and to support people who suffer from HIV/AIDS. For the spiritual aspect, religion is used as the spiritual centre and symbol of faith for everyone to live happily and peacefully together in harmony.

No one can escape from illness including Luangpoh Sudhiro who also has had some health problems. Many times I saw his weariness due to his very hard working and not enough rest. Many times that Luangpoh fell sick. He had problems with his liver and used to be sick of liver cancer. But he has passed the crisis of his life and tried very hard to fight against all the difficulties in life with his brave heart, goodness and powerful samadhi and kasina. He usually says that he will continue his work for mankind as long as he still has strength to do it.

Luangpoh Sudhiro is a typical monk who is full of goodness and loving-kindness and always creates spiritual benefit for everyone. He is a good example of the forest monk living in serenity and peace without attaching to any positions.
“He is the monk who came to bless me and bless other people who are filled with sorrow.”

I promise myself that as long as Luangpoh still devotes himself for everyone and for mankind, I will never stop my intention to help him as much as a woman like me can do. Although I do not have much time to accompany him to many places due to my health and my own responsibility to take care of my parents who are getting older now, I will try my best to support him and always be faithful to him.

Every time I have a chance to make a prayer, I pray for the Lord Buddha and all sacred things in the universe to bless Luangpoh Sudhiro with good health, longevity, happiness and peace.

“ May Luangpoh be the light and hope of every soul.”























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