Buddhametta Pilgrimage, Thailand 2011

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DAY 11– Monday 17


We left Ubon early and headed north into the area where Luang Pouh Mun and his teacher Luang Pouh Sao first practised. We stopped at the monastery Wat Pah Wiwek Dhannachat to pay respect to the body of Luangpoh Maha Amorn a disciple of Ajahn Chah.


We then travelled to Wat Baan Kambong where Luang Pouh Mun was born and ordained as a samenera (novice.) Display boards in English gave the full story of the life and times of Luang Pouh Mun.


We practiced in the beautiful grounds of Wat Phu Lon which was on top of a steep hill, and was where Luang Pouh Sao and Luang Pouh Mun practiced meditation together.


That night we stayed at Wat Pah Boon Lorm (a branch of Wat Pah Nana Chat) with English-speaking Thai monks, located on the Moon River.




DAY 12-Tuesday 18

The next morning some of the group joined the monks on their alms round across the Moon River by boat to a village on the other shore, a distance of about 200m.


Others helped local people to prepare food in traditional style. After the meal we held a discussion with Ajahn Ton who qualified as a doctor in America and has a clinic at the temple. He had come back to be a monk and develop his practice.


We again had to cross the Moon River, by self propelled rope ferry, to get to the chedi of Luang Pouh Sao which is on an island. From there we went to Wat Phu Jom Gom where the group were able to enjoy stunning views over the Maekong River.


Finally a twilight visit to Tham Pha Khau valley where Luangpoh Sudhiro spent three years practising. We were able to have an insight into the way of life he adopted while living there.


Late in the evening we arrived at a holiday home next to Sirindorn Dam where we were provided with warm showers and comfortable beds.


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