Buddhametta Pilgrimage, Thailand 2011

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DAY 6 –Wednesday 12th

The next morning, was a spectacular sunrise. We followed the monks on Alms round.

Later on the sound made by the giant bamboo grove, "clacking" in the breeze, gave a wonderful background to our meal.

We next called in to Wat Pah Erewan where the abbot Luangpoh Ken, who is a direct disciple of Ajahn Chah, gave a talk. We sat on straw which had been left from a weekend retreat of 400 people.

It was then on to the Buddha Metta Village which is on the outskirts of a Sam Muang village.

We were greeted by a large group of local residents who made us very welcome. We enjoyed their hospitality and generosity over the next two days.

There was a newly constructed house for the women and another for the men. The monks had their own simple huts on the other side of the lake.

We made ourselves at home and settled down for the night.



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