Buddhametta Pilgrimage, Thailand 2011

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DAY 13– Wednesday 19th



We awoke to find the sun rising over the water of this large reservoir.



A supporter who originally taught at the village school next to the Buddha Metta Village provided tasty food for all of us.



Our first stop was to the Mae Chi Kaew convent, where this exceptional nun achieved enlightenment and continued to live and practice here for many years. A chedi and museum, dedicated to her, provided a beautiful place to practice.



We met the group of nuns who currently are living here, and had the opportunity to ask questions.

We then went to the neighbouring Wat Pah Wiwek Wattanaram where we were able to pay respects to Luang Pouh Jahm who at 101 years old is the oldest living disciple of Luang Pouh Mun.



We joined a very large group of monks, nuns and lay people for evening chanting and Dhamma talks from the monks in our group before retiring to cabins in the monastery grounds.


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