Buddha-Metta UK

About the Society

The Buddha Metta Society was formed by Buddhists in the UK in 2009. It was set up by individuals who have a connection with Ajahn Sudhiro and the Thai forest tradition of Theravada Buddhism and has members including both ordained and lay people. Our aim is to develop and share the practice of 'Living in Dhamma' by providing opportunities for people to experience it first-hand.

The society aims to support Luangpoh Sudhiro's work and donates towards this through individual contributions and arranging pilgrimages (see below).

So far, the society has raised a total in excess of £60K which includes £7,982 via the UK government charitable 'Gift Aid' process for donors who are UK tax payers.

The society became a registered charity in November 2013:-

Registered charity number : 1154796 - BUDDHA METTA SOCIETY





The Buddha Metta Society arrange annual pilgrimages in January, the Far East cool season, to allow Buddhists to visit significant places with respect to the Theravada tradition. We have travelled to Bodh Gaya in India and around NE Thailand; pictures and accounts of which can be found by clicking HERE or on the image below.






Luangpoh has established a number of temples, in Thailand, New Zealand and the UK. Information about the Cambridge temple in the UK can be found by clicking on the picture below.